This is not a dream.

What have we done?
Will she ever forgive us?
It doesn't matter anymore.

It's a quiet night, and today I wish I  were asleep.

Don't trust her.

Sometimes, you suddenly wake up from a dream in the middle of the night. A dream that felt so real you can still feel the heartache. But, was it a dream? The scents, the people you talked to, the music you heard, it all felt so real. Your heart is still beating so fast. Did she see you? Were you there?
Did you meet him? Will he hurt you?
How do you know what's real?

Rosemary and Sebastian are stuck between dreams and reality. They don't know what's real and what's their imagination. Their mother is nowhere to be found.

Rosemary does not trust Sebastian, yet all they have is each other. Or do they?

A children's lullaby playing in the distance.
A woman quietly singing and humming.
She is putting her two children to sleep.

Don't you worry
my summer jewels,
nightfall will be here soon.
Rest your head upon your pillow,
let your dreams take over.
If you see me next to you, that's how you will know
that all your troubles will finally be gone.

Would you trust her with your deepest darkest secrets?
Would she understand why you did it?

I mean you no harm.
You have to understand, I had no choice.

If you were me, you would've done it too.

So many words that mean nothing.

My sweet children sleep tonight
not knowing what's to come.

I beg of you to save them,
make sure they are loved
make sure they are taught.
Please tell them
they cannot trust each other.

A story about two siblings told through visuals, short writings and creepy lullabies. Rosemary and Sebastian are lost between dreams and reality. What happened to them? Where are they?

Submerge yourself into Sebastian and Rosemary's world.

Are you curious enough?

- Denyse

to be continued...

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